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Since 2010 Liceulice has been implementing practical programs of direct support to marginalized groups in order to increase their economic, cultural and social inclusion. The program is realized through several activities, and the most visible of these is the publishing of the magazine Liceulice and its distribution through network of sellers (socially vulnerable and marginalized persons), who earn 50 percent of each sold copy.

Sellers often face rejections, and the reasons are various. They mix them with "suspicious" greeting cards, postcards and tickets for the theater that are also sold with socially responsible goals (helping children, supporting culture ...). Also, people are mostly burdened by their problems and have no time to hear our sellers.

Our objectives :

  1. Raise awareness about the importance of the organization Liceulice
  2. Affirmation of the magazine seller Liceulice and their inclusion in the society
  3. Increasing the sales of magazine Liceulice
  4. Increase of issuance frequency of the magazine (on an annual basis)

The big idea

It has been noticed that the sales of the magazine Liceulice is more successful in parts of the city in which the sellers are experienced like a „part“ of the city – Svetlana from Dorćol, Milan from Terazije, Mirko from Trg...

In those parts of the city the sellers are experienced like celebrity people (gradske face).

Because of their honest effort when selling the magazine they want to achieve the inclusion and stay as part of a society for us they are the celebrities – „big shots“.

Because of that our idea was to introduce all the sellers of the magazine as celebrity people (gradske face), as people that are part of the urban iconography, as people that deserve respect and help.

Campaign „gradske face“ is created in street art aesthetics which naturally belongs to the celebrity people (gradske face) and to the people that deserve their place on the city facade, stenciles or murals.

Bringing the idea to life

The campaign started with street posters as ooh/guerrilla marketing approach. As no one from the authorities pleaded considering the Liceulice, we set up the posters risking to be fined. As of today we didn’t get a fine and we hope that it stays like that.

Posters are created in segments according to the location of the seller, their face, name and head, the emotional profit from the inclusion trough the sales of the magazine formulated in one of his sentences, that are on the poster.

The second faze of the campaign was an exibition in a street galery and on that occasion the actual setting was „hacked“. Posters were sticked across the actual setting for one night. the media and celebrities supported this event and knowing that the street guerrilla outgrown in mainstream media promotion. The celebrities gave support to the smaller „celebrities“ (gradske face).

The third phase of the campaign is launching an educational video with help of influencers through social media, which on an emotional level showed the principle of the inclusion trough the sales of the magazine „Liceulice“ and additionally promoted the shops.

With this the integrated communication is finished and achieved additional massive reach.



Next to the raise of sales on daly basis, which, in spite of rainy weather, with 150 examples jumped to 185, the sales people are saying that they feel the change related to them. The passers-by recognize them, they pause, listen to them. On the joy of the people from the organization „Liceulice“, the phones are ringing more than ever. Citizens that had an opportunity to see the story of this project on the television, called to see how can they help. The number of produced hard copy-s raised from 8,000 (which was during the summer of 2017) to 10,000 before the end of 2017.


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