Stadion Shopping Center

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Stadion Shopping Center covers an area of around 75,000 square meters and is the largest shopping center in the old part of the city, including two underground levels with approximately 1,000 parking lots and a football stadium on the rooftop. The retail part of the center consists of the 30,000 square meters including the most famous world and local fashion brands, as well as food court and various entertainment facilities for all visitors.

The football stadium on the third floor was built according to the latest UEFA standards, with the possibility of welcoming 5,000 visitors. The football stadium hosts large concerts and cultural events, with spacious, multifunctional VIP lounges.

Modernly equipped exclusive restaurants with an incredible panorama of Belgrade are located on the third floor. The Shopping Center connects all passions in one place providing its visitors with an excellent shopping experience, entertainment, pleasure to be a part of the sports and cultural events and last but not least - amazing rooftop views.

Stadion Shopping Center

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