Air France KLM : Changes in Flying Blue Award Programme

Starting from 1 April, 2018 Flying Blue, one of the biggest frequent flyer programmes has been improved and simplified.

With over 15 million registered users and the network of 39 partner companies, Flying Blue is considered one of the best and most popular rewarding frequent flyer programmes. After the poll among the users, the owner of the programme, the company Air France-KLM has decided to introduce a number of changes in order to simplify the rewarding frequent flyer programme and enable further privileges to their customers. The most important feature of the programme hasn’t changed, passengers still collect miles by using the services of both Air France-KLM and numerous partner companies, members of the SkyTeam alliance like China Airlines, Delta Air Lines...

Starting from April 1st, the biggest novelty is the way miles are earned. Miles are now calculated according to the price of the ticket. Each euro spent on the ticket or additional services on flights operated by Air France, KLM, Joon or Hoop!, members receive 4, 6, 7 and 8 Miles depending on their status (Ivory, Silver, Gold or Platinum). Acquired miles by other companies members of the Flying Blue programme continue to be earned according to the miles flown.

There are still four levels of membership: Ivory, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, and the status is now calculated according to the experience points (XP). All new members automatically get Ivory status. Experience points are calculated for each ticket according to the the type of flight and the travel cabin chosen by the customer. To move from one level to another, members need 100 XPs for Silver, 180 for Gold and 300 for Platinum status. It is important to know that XPs are collected starting from the date of the first buy and are carried forward to the next 12-month running period. Also, in case of a level upgrade (for example from Ivory to Silver), the qualification period will simply start again and the new level is active for 12 months.

Miles have no time limit, they remain on the account as long as the member of the programme flies one of the Flying Blue companies within the two-year period. What is new is that starting 1 June, 2018 paying with Miles can be combined with paying in cash. Flying Blue members can pay up to 25% of tickets in cash. In addition, all seats on Air France, KLM, HOP! Joon and Transavia flights can be booked with Miles, but Miles can also be used for A la Carte menu, upgrades or extra luggage.

Award Miles earned through the Flying Blue programme can be used as real money, and now it is possible to purchase items like phones, bags or watches. Miles can also be used for hotel reservations or car rentals.

The Air France-KLM expect these changes to make the programme more flexible and simpler to use and to give more options for earning and spending your Award Miles. 

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