Grand Prix 2016 candidature, catégorie Innovation

i-Report  is an online quality control follow up tool committed to continuous customer satisfaction improvement.

It is an home made solution built to continuously improve customer experience & services monitoring.  It is customed to the needs of our clients and can be adapted to any KPI scenarios. It is used on smart phone and meant to be user experience oriented with the online client platform.

It allows us and our customers to follow all activities : Technical Maintenance, Securtiy & Cleaning.

From the client side: The client will score each item and be able to report any issues. Then, we will easily take corrective measures, implement action plans and improve the quality of our services; in a total transparency with the client who will always have access to the up-to-date situation. The tool automatically generates statistics, ready-to-print reports, summaries, charts and syntheses.

It allows also client to have the daily monitoring of all opened issues, delay of responses and solutions brought in order to have a real services performance tool.

From ATALIAN side: ATALIAN team members together with our client will evaluate the performance. i-Report will display information about the annual plan, the different controls and all the evualuated items regarding the services and premises.

i-Report  increases our efficiency by showing the results instantly reducing waste of time in the business, fludifying the communication between the two parts and give concrete tools for evaluating the performance thanks to quality tresholds, automatically generated report, spreadsheets and graphs.

i-Report gives us client feedbacks, standardized methods in all the subsidiaries, makes our operations quicker and our teams much more reactive.

In this regard, i-Report follows the line of our policy of reducing our environmental footprint. It allows to decrease the amount of administrative and analysis tasks and so eliminates paperworks.




Main benefit our i-Report :

  • Bring Transparency for Services Delivered
  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Continuous Quality Improvement




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