AXA Neživotno osiguranje - Launching of online shop „Osiguranje na klik“ (E-commerce)

Grand Prix 2016 candidature, catégorie Innovation

Project scope: Development of web applications (responsive on all devices), that allows customers 24/7 access to the company’s products and availability to purchase and download a policy online with in just few easy steps. The first service that is provided for online purchase is travel insurance, launched on December 18, 2015.

Development of front-end and back-end architecture applications (development of user friendly interface, easy to use by clients regardless from what device they access the application - mobile-phone, tablet or PC).
Integration with the provider of electronic payment.
Integration with CRM for servicing clients who do not have the possibility to pay online (ROPO).
Proactive analysis of user behavior and adjustment of applications according to their needs.

Target group: all persons who travel abroad (individual or family) and who want to have covered the costs of emergency medical intervention.

The increase in sales of travel insurance
Recognition of the company as the digital-oriented and focused on the most efficient way of reaching our services by clients.

Character of innovation:

  • Providing customers with fast and safe way to buy insurance policy through online shop (the most technical optimized tool on the market).
  • Using the tools in the online shop, which enable purchase in only a few steps, in a safe environment.
  • Fast and safe delivery of the policy (after the purchase the customer can download the policy immediately, and also within one minute, customers received on specified e-mail address link from which they can later download the policy).
  • The use of QR codes in the promotion of online shops "Osigurane na klik"

Used resources:
The application is developed and designed by an internal project team, and the realization was entrusted to an external partner.


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