Candidate for CCIFS Grand Prix 2023 ''CSR'': Mecafor Products

During this year's Green Gala evening, which will take place on April 27th, we will organize the traditional Grand Prix CCIFS awards ceremony

Social responsibility is one of the values we respect and strive to manifest in every aspect of our business. From the very beginning, we have tried to listen to the needs of society and help in their realization. As a reliable partner to our local community, we tend to improve the quality of life through various activities. In 2022, our activities in society were mainly focused on health, sports, culture, and education. In the public health field, our company donated a Mobile Thoracic Drainage Device worth 3,000 euros to the General Hospital in Kikinda, which makes our total investment in public health in Kikinda worth about 23,000 euros, to this day. Sports organizations and activities are another area through which we strive to support the development of our community.

Every year, we provide support to many sports clubs, through sponsorship of their events, tournaments and competitions.
Programs created for children are of great importance to us. Therefore, we participate in the organization of high quality sports activities for our youngest. In the course of 2022, we were able to segregate around 3,000 euros to thesports clubs, and we donated funds for: Soccer Club "ZAK", Table Tennis Club "Galadska", Basketball Club "Sloboda", Martial Arts Club "Kikinda", Serbian Sitting Volleyball Team for the Disabled and Volleyball Club for the Disabled "Fenix". In addition, we support the organization of various festivals every year, as well as the development and creation of new cultural content.

In 2022, we sponsored the realization of the International Festival of Folk Orchestras - FENOK, organized by the cultural society "GUSLE", as well as the filming of a short film about Mihajlo Pupin,produced by a local TV station in Kikinda. Our company was able to donate a total of 4,000 euros for cultural content alone. A new area that is of great importance to us is education. Our focus is providing support to the educational system in Kikinda. We donated funds to the local schools, the grammar school "Dušan Vasiljev" and the High school for Economics, where we helped in the realization of an accounting competition for senior year high school students from all over the country.

Finally, we can say that responsible behavior directed towards our society is an integral part of our business and future development. As Mecafor Products grows, so will our social influence. We believe that, with our actions and efforts, we can really make a positive difference to our employees, their families and the entire community.

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