Candidate for CCIFS Grand Prix 2023 ''CSR'': OTP banka Srbija

During this year's Green Gala evening, which will take place on April 27th, we will organize the traditional Grand Prix CCIFS awards ceremony

Corporate Social Responsibility of OTP banka is based on commitment for environmental protection, social and sustainable entrepreneurship, but also investment in culture, sports and education.
The Generator of Good Deeds is one of the most significant projects of OTP banka in this domain and has been organized since 2019, with the aim of increasing visibility of social and sustainable entrepreneurship in Serbia, but also of all those who create within it through their ecological, recyclable or sustainable products and projects. So far, a total of four cycles have been held, supporting over 20 small business, with the tendency of organising the Generator of Good Deeds twice a year. In addition to the opportunity to exhibit within the Fair, the Bank provides support to all participants with a media campaign, by providing photo and video material, promoting on social media and other Bank channels, as well as through internal communication towards the employees and partners, all with the aim of spreading awareness about people who fight and advocate for inclusion. By this and similar projects the Bank strengthens visibility and contributes to the affirmation of manufacturers whose business model is based on creativity, humanitarian or sustainable business operations.

In 2022, the Generator of Good Deeds was organised for the first time in Novi Sad at Trg slobode in front of the Bank’s Management building. Small domestic brands presented products, sales of which provide support to environmental projects or vulnerable groups, including victims of domestic violence, people with developmental disabilities, socially vulnerable children or women refugees: Somborske šnajderke, Supernatural, Koozmetik, Soko skin care, Artists Anonymous, Naša kuća, Women on the way.

The fourth Fair of this social and sustainable entrepreneurship was organized this year in April in the Ušće Shopping Centre, where six local small businesses exhibited their ecological and recyclable products and presented the work and action concepts in society. Visitors had the opportunity to become familiar with products of the new fashion brand Friends of the Danube that promotes protection of the Danube biodiversity, i.e. of its riverbed, emphasizing education of young people. Cozy2wear is a fashion brand focused on the use of natural, biodegradable and organic materials. Social enterprise Naša kuća enables people with disabilities to become independent and earn money in a unique and innovative way - by recycling cigarette packs and creating a wide variety of paper-based products therefrom, while the Youth Integration Centre raises awareness of the position of street children through various initiatives and sale of creative products. All Nut is a brand focused on organic and natural cosmetics in the broadest sense, operations of which are based on zero waste principles. Credo casa toys presented its concept of educational, environmental, open-ended toys, intended for focusing attention and developing fine motor skills in children.
The Communications and Public Relations Department is responsible for creating and implementing the Generator of Good Deeds, while agencies are also involved in its preparation – digital, PR and creative.
Financial resources have been used for advertising on social networks of all participants and exhibitors, for creating ecological stands for product display, media promotion and production of photo and video materials.

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