Candidate for CCIFS Grand Prix 2023 ''CSR'': Schneider Electric

During this year's Green Gala evening, which will take place on April 27th, we will organize the traditional Grand Prix CCIFS awards ceremony

Project description: Right to Knowledge Empowerment. In addition to Foundation “Center for young talents” & Scholarship program realized by Schneider Electric for many years, in 2021 we have established new CSR program called “Right to Knowledge Empowerment” and we have established virtual “CSR” team. This program is unique, since we have 

included our employees in its realization and with their direct involvement in CSR activities, we have achieved to increase their CSR engagement. Our partners UNICEF & foundation “Ana & Vlade Divac” were there to help us in realization of our CSR activities.

Project goal: Our goal is to ensure that our environment is empowering knowledge & innovations! That our and all kids have great childhood! That our kindergartens & schools are providing great conditions for learning and development of kids! That our hospitals & maternity hospitals have appropriate equipment! That our environment is green and sustainable!

Activities: We have split our activities in few groups. Frist ones are activities realized with our partners, second ones are activities proposed by our employees and their realization we are involving our employees, third ones are related to our company resources (e.g. donation of IT equipment, knowledge sharing through organized conference “Power IT”, meetups, workshops for girls).

Targeted groups: Our target is to create environment in which kids can learn, can grow, and can have happy childhood, through following activities: increasing opportunities for knowledge, providing necessary equipment for kids & maternity hospitals, providing equipment for schools & playgrounds, and investing in green and sustainable environment.

Results: We have celebrated 10th anniversary of our Foundation “Center for young talents” – just in 2022 we had 3027 students, and from the start there was more of 8000 students; We have supported “May month of Math” with bus caravan of children from 15 cities in Serbia; Together with the Association of Business Women of Serbia, we celebrated the International Day of Girls in ICT, with over 100 girls participated; We have equipped digital classrooms in two elementary schools with more than 1000 students; We have donated equipment to kids hospital in Novi Sad; We have built kids playground of 274m2 in Novi Sad for kids of 2-12 years. We have donated more 100 laptops & 270 monitors to schools and other institutions which are working with kids. We have organized blood donation and 40 of our employees we participating; We had Cycling Is On activity, durign which we have collected founds and have donated it to SOS children village; During Autumn Market activity we have also collected founds and have donated it to Safe House in Sremska Kamenica; We have organized Pub Quiz and all collected founds are donated to NURDOR; With DEA (kids ecology academy) we have organized workshop about climate changes; One of important activities were Serbia Business Run – Run for Forests, where we have donated 100 trees. Durign “Power IT” conference we had 23 speakers and more than 1000 participants over 2 days.

Resources: Schneider Electric is financing our CSR program, beside that our employees are participating and with their donations and voluntary work they are supporting our CSR program.

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