Candidate for CCIFS Grand Prix 2023 ''Innovation'': MPC Properties

During this year's Green Gala evening, which will take place on April 27th, we will organize the traditional Grand Prix CCIFS awards ceremony

MPC Properties, a regional leader in the development and property management of modern shopping destinations and business centers, has developed a comprehensive socially responsible strategy in accordance with ESG goals (Environmental, Social, Governance), which have been implemented in company procedures, policies, and in the company culture.

The systematic and comprehensive approach results in the development of sustainable real estate that reduces risk, increases the value, and impacts profitability in the long term. Green projects represent an example of the implementation of innovative solutions of the “scaled-up circular economy process” at the micro level of a building and closed sustainable solutions at the level of an asset, with the aim of implementing projects that are in accordance with the Declaration on the Green Agenda, all in connection with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, preserving the environment and promoting sustainability.

E projects

A 50kW solar power plant is currently installed on the roof of the UŠĆE Shopping Center on an area of 400 m2 and is used to charge electric vehicles in the center’s garage. The plan for the next period includes expanding the capacity of the solar power plant to 311kW power on an area of 1,600 m2. The energy thus produced will be used for own consumption by the UŠĆE Shopping Center. In addition to the solar panels, five solar benches with phone chargers were also installed in the park between the UŠĆE business towers. In the coming period, we plan to provide approximately 25,000 m2 of surface area that will be covered by solar panels throughout the entire MPC portfolio. The total power of the solar panels for that area will be up to 4,500 kW.

MPC takes great care of the promotion of alternative modes of transport, by providing adequate parking stations for all types of eco vehicles, which provide comfort and all the necessary infrastructure to their users, while on the other hand, they promote an ecological way of life and indirectly affect the health of our visitors. In its business network, MPC has 400 parking spaces for bicycles, 46 chargers for electric cars, and UŠĆE Shopping Center is the first shopping center in the Balkans with a smart city parking station for electric bicycles and scooters. We are planning to install this station in front of other properties that are part of the MPC Properties network.

MPC Properties pays great attention to recycling so that 312 t of cardboard and 12 t of glass are recycled every year. We are particularly proud of the project for procurement of a compost machine, which is located at the UŠĆE Shopping Center facility, and is part of the UŠĆE commercial complex, the purchase of which, in addition to recycling, introduced composting as an additional waste management strategy. The UŠĆE complex has about 16,000 m2 of green areas, which generate about 96 m3 of organic waste on an annual basis. Also, the complex generates organic waste from the kitchens of the restaurants located in the UŠĆE Shopping Center.

Sustainable green roof gardens - Currently, MPC owns a green roof on the Navigator Business Center 1, and the green roof is also planned to be installed on the UŠĆE Shopping Center, on an area of about 800 m2 which shall include an urban vegetable garden that will be irrigated by rainwater.

Biodiversity has been improved by the use of indigenous plant species and the placing of beehives on MPC Properties facilities in cooperation with the Belgrade Beekeepers Association and the Mad Med Association. 12 beehives were placed on the roofs of the UŠĆE Shopping Center and Navigator Business Center 2, as well as in the garden in front of the UŠĆE Towers business complex.

S projects

Through regular CSR activities, we contribute to spreading community awareness, market education and improving the experience of facility users. The goal is to expand the understanding of value in the real estate sector beyond traditional financial metrics.

In this aspect, we pay special attention to the following groups:

  • EMPLOYEES: by introducing training, education, benefit programs, and psychological support programs.
  • TENANTS: by constantly improving the commercial business model, while strengthening synergy with tenants through a unique loyalty program (Your Center mobile application) and by strengthening a sustainable approach.
  • VISITORS: by creating meaningful destinations and organizing socially responsible initiatives, educational workshops, and marketing activities that promote inclusion, nurture diversity, promote loyalty programs, and care for the community.
  • WIDER COMMUNITY: by raising public awareness of important environmental and social issues.

G projects

All innovative projects are implemented in accordance with complex tender procedures, where transparency and anti-corruption are supported, applying, and integrating global and local good practices in the company procedures.

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