Candidate for CCIFS Grand Prix 2023 ''Innovation'': MT-KOMEX

During this year's Green Gala evening, which will take place on April 27th, we will organize the traditional Grand Prix CCIFS awards ceremony

The Charge&Go platform is a marketplace service with accompanying iOS and Android apps that enables electric vehicle drivers and electric vehicle charging station owners to connect and transact most efficiently and effectively. The platform's official website is .

Charge&Go is part of the global network of EV chargers and its future development strongly focuses on servicing the Balkan region and then other similar (under)developed markets.

The platform is multilingual and users will interact with it through mobile applications. The basic functions of the application from the driver's perspective are - searching for the nearest EV chargers in the network, checking their availability, payment processing, completing charging and providing support for relevant administrative processes. The Charge&GO applications/platforms will also show precise information on CO2 savings for every kilometre travelled by electric vehicle in every country in which the platform is available.

The project team is helmed by General Manager Miloš Kostić and it consists of 3 senior engineers who work with one chief technical leader and are supported by a sales engineer, marketing manager, designer and two customer service assistants.

The engineering department is in charge of the complete reconstruction of the platform and application based on the relevant development plan, while the designers will help create a better and more elegant visual identity for the brand.

The business development and administration team will handle customer acquisition and administrative backend.

Our Charge&Go project is integrated and functional in the local environment and is currently in the test phase. The network of chargers located on the Charge&Go platform currently includes a total of 68 charging points throughout Serbia, from Horgoš to Gradina. These chargers are used by both domestic users and those in transit, thus positively affecting and helping the transition from conventional to electric vehicles at the national level, while reducing the emission of harmful gases produced by traffic. Our goal is to develop an electric vehicle charging platform that can be used regionally and which will enable uninterrupted electric vehicle traffic from state to state while adapting the application to the monetary and tax peculiarities of each country. Our goal is to have 74 charging points in the network by the end of 2022, and 194 by the end of 2023.

Below you can see a diagram showing the increase in the number of charging sessions from early 2022 to the end of September of the same year. This is our latest report from the platform's analytics. As evident, the growth in the number of charging sessions is noticeable, with seasonal deviations since the peak is in the summer months when more drivers in transit are also users of our platform. 

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On the one hand, the Charge&Go project facilitates the availability, access and payment for using electric vehicle charges, and on the other hand, with the development of the charger network, it also facilitates an increase in the number of electric vehicles. This has a direct effect on a number of vehicles with SUS engines that emit harmful gases and dangerous particles to a much greater extent than electric vehicles.

The Charge&Go platform and application are products of the domestic team of experts and are a scalable solution that we plan to use throughout the region to connect electric vehicle drivers with charger owners. Furthermore, we will make it possible for foreign users to use chargers in transit in the Western Balkans region, as well as for local users to use chargers throughout Europe, in partner networks, to provide them with safe and environmentally friendly travel by electric vehicle.



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