Candidate for GRAND PRIX 2024 in GREEN category – OTP Bank - Generator Lab

During this year's Gala evening, which will take place on April 23rd, we will organize the traditional Grand Prix CCIFS awards ceremony

The Generator Lab project is implemented through three individual "green" initiatives that have been temporally interconnected in the previous and current years. The Generator of Good Deeds was realized in April 2023, while the Generator Zero and OTP Village projects, with their various activities, are continuously "communicated" and promoted by the bank with specific promotional peaks.


Project Description: "Generator Lab" represents the umbrella term for the bank's "green" and sustainable activities, encompassing three individual sustainable initiatives.




The initiatives include:

- Generator Zero

- Generator of Good Deeds

- OTP Village

Generator Zero:

The latest cycle of the Generator Zero project in 2023 was launched with the aim of supporting and rewarding solutions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, as one of the greatest challenges of today and the growth of the green economy. The competition was aimed at innovators, start-up companies, micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, social enterprises, as well as civil society organizations (that are not beneficiaries of budgetary funds). The Fragment Board project by the start-up Fragment Incorporated, which produces innovative and sustainable building materials from 73% recycled glass, was the winner of the latest Generator Zero cycle. The winning team received two million dinars from the bank and strategic support for further development and promotion of the project, as well as awards from two partners. The project was supported by numerous partners, including ICT HUB, Blic, Mastercard, the Serbia Innovates Project supported by USAID, the Digital Serbia Initiative, the Belgrade Open School (BOŠ), Netokracija, Schneider Electric, MPC, and Supernatural - an association dedicated to environmental protection.


The Generator of Good Deeds is an initiative dedicated to providing visibility to social entrepreneurship and all actors who contribute to this business ecosystem. Through this initiative, over 25 projects of small and micro-enterprises, associations, and civil society organizations have been supported so far. The latest edition of the Generator of Good Deeds was held in April 2023, where a total of seven participants had the opportunity to exhibit and sell their environmentally friendly, recyclable, and sustainable products. The bank provided locations, stands, and, most importantly, media and strong promotional support through external and internal communication channels for all participants. A video material was produced for each individual participant, accompanied by relevant information, and distributed widely within the external community, employees, clients, and bank partners.


OTP Village is implemented through the establishment of an urban beekeeping site and a nursery with 12 species of honey-producing plants. In this way, OTP Bank seeks to support environmental activism and contribute to increasing biodiversity, emphasizing the key role of bees in preserving our entire ecosystem. The fact that bees pollinate more than 70% of plants and that the same percentage of the total flora and fauna depends on them has encouraged us to think about this significant topic and make our contribution. The project is implemented in collaboration with the environmental association "Supernatural." The OTP Village project also includes environmental education programs for employees and their children.


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