Candidate for GRAND PRIX 2024 in GREEN category – Schneider Electric - InGrid: Sustainable Building Transformation

During this year's Gala evening, which will take place on April 23rd, we will organize the traditional Grand Prix CCIFS awards ceremony

The InGrid project represents pioneering transformation of our building into a sustainable, energy-efficient facility, setting a benchmark in the area of environmental responsibility and social sustainability. Our goal has been to create an office building model that both reduces carbon footprint and inspires other companies to take steps towards sustainable development, as well as a better, healthier and more humane working environment. With the implementation of innovative technologies, engagement of the community, our employees and partner cooperation, the InGrid building has become a symbol of our commitment to environmental protection, improvement of business environment, respect of employee needs and positive impact on the business community and more.

The facility covering nearly 15,000 m² is supplied with green energy from its own production in a solar power plant (1,500 m² of solar panels), located on the building roof, whereas the rest of energy with the green certificate is compensated by purchasing certified green energy from the grid, and is thus considered carbon neutral. It is estimated that its own energy production accounts for cca 20% of total annual energy consumption. InGrid boasts with a range of sustainable approaches, including energy performance with nearly 50% of saved energy compared to standard projects, combined with the use of renewable energy sources. Owing to a careful selection of location, in a densely populated urban area, excellent connection with the rest of the city is enabled for more than 1,000 of its users, thus reducing the impact of carbon dioxide emitted from private vehicles. Atmospheric water control has been conducted as the project location is designed to manage most of atmospheric water at the very location. It is interesting to note that this is not a Greenfield investment, but reconstruction and revitalisation of the old Novkabel building in the city of Novi Sad, where a careful selection of location, implementation of innovative technologies and focus on details have resulted in a brand new and different office space. Thanks to those solutions, water consumption in the building is reduced by 55%, maximum performance of the building façade is achieved, and energy-efficient solutions are applied in the building interior, reached average consumption of cca 90 kWh/m²/year, with all the systems managed by the automated BMS (building management system).


The InGrid building has received a Platinum LEED certificate – the highest green construction certification level. Facilities constructed in line with this standard represent a peak of sustainable design, where the most innovative and advanced green solution strategies available are applied. LEED Platinum projects showcase outstanding commitment to environmental management, setting a benchmark for sustainability in the construction industry and inspiring others to follow similar goals.


Therefore, InGrid is not only an example of sustainable construction, but also an indicator of how sustainability can be a pivotal factor of business success and a positive impact on the environment. By introducing sustainable practices, InGrid has set standards for future projects and inspired others to follow the path to sustainable future. Sustainability of the InGrid building is also confirmed by the fact that our 1,000 employees work on software solutions for managing sustainability of power systems in more than 100 power distribution companies worldwide.


Target groups of this project include employees in the building, local community and local self-government, business partners, media and citizens of Serbia. The CSR nature of the project is demonstrated by the integration of environmental, social and economic objectives in all aspects of the project. The company has invested significant resources in order to attain sustainable transformation of the building, confirming its commitment to social responsibility and environmental care.

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