CCIFS Grand Prix 2019 : Adria Media Group candidate for the category "Corporate Social Responsability"

At this year's Gala, the CCIFS 2019 Grand Prix will be held. Company Adria Media Group is candidate for the category "Corporate Social Responsability" for its project "Inspiration for better future - The sustainable development"

In February 2018th Adria Media Group, as a socially responsible company, has started the project “Inspiration for better future- The Sustainable Development”.

The goal of this project was to educate and inspire citizens and companies for responsible behavior and business contained in United Nations Sustainable Agenda 2030.

The Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection supported this project, as well as the team of the United Nations in Serbia which is included in its realization.

From February to December 2018th 26 companies and 20 Serbian and international institutions participated in this project. 50 articles with the examples of good practice has been published, three conferences have been organized an it was initiated the change of law with the maingoal to make the gap between trowing food and number of hungry people smaller.

The main idea was to educate public and to be inspiration for better future with good examples how that is possible to achieve.

We represented the main goals of sustainable development trough articles about popular subjects and companies practices. We published the articles every Tuesday in two pages of daily Kurir as well as at the web portal  ,  podcast The Sustainable Development ( This project has been continued in 2019th and all new articles can be find here as well.

Human and technical resources form Adria Media Group have been used in realization of this project and financial resources is not possible to estimate because of complexity of the project.

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