CCIFS Grand Prix 2019 : Tigar Tyres Family Health and Safety Day

At this year's Gala, the CCIFS 2019 Grand Prix will be held. Company Tigar Tyres from Pirot, patron member of the CCIFS, is nominee for the category "Corporate Social Responsability".

Tigar Tyres Family Health and Safety Day has gathered around  6.000 visitors (employees, family members and interested fellow citizens), around twenty local partners (City of Pirot, Traffic Safety Agency, NAVAK, schools, health centers, fire brigade, UNIQA Insurance, Sports Center and sports clubs).  The goal for employees, along with the youngest and fellow citizens, is to change their attitude towards their own health, safety in transport, ecology and humanity.  The event is also the promotion of volunteerism: 300 volunteers from the company and the city donated 3.000 volunteer hours to the community.  In the Walk of Goodness 1.500 fellow citizens "built" two children's playgrounds, because the company valued each kilometer and donated all the funds for this purpose.  

Improvement of traffic safety trough fun and socializing

In cooperation with NAVAK and the Traffic Safety Agency, we organize for the visitors, in safe conditions (driving simulators), simulations of vehicle overtaking and frontal collision. We warn them of what the correct use of the belt really means and what are the possible consequences of unsafe driving. Thanks to the Traffic Safety Agency, teenagers in the "drunk room" recognize the dangers of drunk driving, and around 200 innovative ideas have been collected on how to improve the security culture in the city.

Risk recognition and prevention – key of our health

Great emphasis is on health. We remind participants how to prevent various health risks, how to give first aid. Again, we learn how to react in the event of a fire, how to operate the computer properly (ergonomics). In cooperation with the Health Care Center and the doctors of Uniqa insurance, we organize numerous free examinations, from blood tests to cardio scans. In 2018, 650 fellow citizens have done preventive medical examinations. The children learned about healthy diet and the preparation of healthy meals through the game by the popular Dr Feelgood.  

Improvement of ecological awareness

Elementary school students compete in area of Environmental care, the visitors of the event vote for their favorite project, and the three most creative ones get reward - financial support from the company.  Winning schools in 2018  received support for the implementation of the following environmental projects: “Save the Planet”, “Plant Your Tree” and “Green Classroom”.

Impact on the local community: Pirot – one of the safest cities in Serbia

How does this traditional manifestation affect the local community? Pirot is one of the safest cities in Serbia, according to the public risk of tragic death (the number of people tragically deceased at 10.000 inhabitants).  Every year, the number of people tragically deceased and injured in the commune is decreasing. For example, in this period, the number of people injured in traffic accidents is almost for one third lower than before. This result is achieved with a help of multiple factors: firstly, thanks to the traffic police, but also thanks to the traffic culture, which Tigar Tyres gradually and continuously expands and transfers to the entire local community.

Financial resources

In 2018, total investment in this event, donation for playgrounds and support to ecological project, was 110.000,00 EUR.

Human resources (internal and external)

More than 300 volunteers, 200 from the company and 100 from local community donated almost 3.000 volunteering hours to the community during last year’s event.


During last four years, almost 20.000 employees, family members and fellow citizens took part in Tigar Tyres Family Health and Safety Day, which uses educational and fun ways to connect safety, health, ecology and humanity.

This is just one of the ways Tigar Tyres is included in life of local community.

The company also gives continuous support to local community by investing in projects related to health, education, traffic safety, environment and prevention. Annual allocation for these projects is additional 200.000,00 EUR.  

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