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CCIFS Grand Prix 2019 : TRS candidate for the category "Corporate social responsibility"

At this year's Gala, the CCIFS 2019 Grand Prix will be held. Company TRS is candidate for the category "Corporate social responsability" for donating Alcatel Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise PBX to the General hospital Uzice in west Serbia.

Uzice provides health care for the population of the Zlatibor district, covering an area of 6132 km2 and is located in the western part of the Republic of Serbia and includes 10 municipalities. According to the census in this area live about 400,000 inhabitants. The Health Center provides health care for the population of Republika Srpska, for the northern part of Montenegro and for the citizens of the former republics of Yugoslavia who have the status of refugees and displaced persons, displaced persons from Kosovo, as well as a large number of tourists in the peak of the tourist season.

The largest institution of the Zlatibor district is the General Hospital Uzice. Since 2006 it is the largest general hospital in Serbia because it has 745 beds. The hospital employs 250 doctors. It provides its services by 713 senior and middle medicall assistance and 364 non-medical staff. The sites in Požega, Nova Varos and Sjenica belong to general hospital.

- In July 2018, TRS, supported by the french company Alcatel Lucent Entreprise, donated Alcatel Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise PBX with latest contact software center, which enables connection with Cloud-based services, call center contact licenses, application for system management and metering as well as 250 digital telephone sets. In cooperation with Telekom Srbija, TRS implemented the ISDN PRI system for public telephone network connection and BizLink with connection to mobile telephony, which significantly reduced the operating costs and improved the obsolete system previously implemented in September 1987. The head office covers an output number of 1000 numbers, a connection with 3600 mobile phones and 334 extensions.

. We plann to connect the IP sets through the region and to continue by connecting of all institutions within the Health Center (10 health centers and 2 general hospitals).

TRS donated two Samsung QM49N 49 "displays, which provide the critical information for patients, provide information for employees on duty doctors and nurses, as well as promotion of the institution itself - achievements, acknowledgments, information. Both displey positions are covereing video surveillance also and are located at the main entrance of the General Hospital Užice. 6 persons of TRS and a part of Alcatel Lucent Entreprise board participated in this project.

The value of the project is about 9.5 million dinars (RSD).

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