CCIFS Grand Prix 2021 : Circular economy in the context of the lighting industry

The Grand Prix will be presented at this year's Gala Dinner. Buck has been nominated for the Corporate Social Responsibility category.

The circular economy is a new model of production and consumption that ensures sustainable growth over time. With this model, we start resource optimization, reduce raw material consumption and introduce recycled raw materials for reuse. The application of this model in the lighting industry implies the production and use of serviceable luminaires (with easy installation), with the use of the most efficient light modules and optical accessories, with carefully designed service solutions without resource wasting. Easy interchangeability of the luminaire module on-site, fully meets the requirements of the circular economy. The complete luminaire is not replaced, but the necessary parts are serviced. In that way, we get a product whose lifespan is up to twenty years. Waste minimization is the most important characteristic of this approach.

When choosing the topic to apply for the competition, we had many ideas and projects, but the implementation of the circular economy in our business stood out as a feature that is at the same time suitable both from the point of view of innovation as from the point of view of responsible behaviour. Throughout the entire value chain, there is a need to identify technology that can extend the life of products, innovative mechanisms for the reuse of raw materials as well as efficient servicing. Everything is aimed at reducing the need to replace products that would lead to additional energy consumption during production, use of raw materials and accumulation of waste. The goal of introducing this innovative model in our business is to achieve the overall sustainability of the economy.
An example of such a philosophy in realization is the project of our tunnel lighting in Austria.

Each tunnel lighting project is extremely demanding due to the existence of four different tunnel zones (entry, transition, interior and exit), with each zone requiring a different level of lighting. In addition to this type of complexity, lighting in tunnels must be of exceptional quality to ensure transit safety, energy savings and efficient maintenance. With all this in mind, it is necessary to repair the luminaires on the spot, because closing the tunnel due to their changes is physically very difficult to do, and economically unprofitable. Our LED lighting solution has responded to all customer requirements:

      • Replacement of existing light sources, with new LED light modules, inside the existing     tunnel INOX luminaire housings (without the use of tools)

      • Significantly shortened service time (less than 5 minutes)


      • Maximum increase of light flux of the existing luminaire with an integrated power supply with durability of strict thermal tests and tests of resistance to harmful influence of tunnel environment (sulfur and salt vapors of automobile exhaust gases, penetration of moisture and washing of luminaires by water jet under pressure during regular cleaning)

      • Improving the energy and light efficiency of installed luminaires in the tunnel

      • Electricity saving and reducing CO2 emissions.

A team of experts from various fields - engineers, architects, designers and economists made sure that our customers from Austria get an innovative product, whose maintenance and servicing is designed so that the luminaires last a long time, which significantly reduces the burden of storage and disposal. With our example, we would love to show how financial and human resources invested in the implementation of the circular economy have benefits both for the company itself and for environmental sustainability and production.

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