CCIFS Grand Prix 2021: Raiffeisen banka's digital transformation of service

At this year's Gala, the CCIFS 2021 Grand Prix will be held. Company Raiffeisen, is nominee for the category "Innovations".

Raiffeisen banka had already begun the comprehensive digitalization project before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, which provided a great leverage in 2020, when the bank was able to offer a fully online service to its clients. The transformation and digitalization project continued and even accelerated in 2020, when new digital products and services were introduced. 

• “iKeš” loan 
This is an innovative, cutting-edge product, which was unique in the domestic market when introduced at the end of 2019. Upon the outbreak of the pandemic, it was no longer only a showcase for technology, but became a loan of mass consumption. The product is built around major customer needs, reducing the time and effort needed to obtain the loan. The whole process is 100% online: it takes eight minutes to obtain a response/potential loan approval and 30 minutes to receive cash on the account. Minimal documents are necessary and the process is completely paperless, while the applicants are not even required to be clients of Raiffeisen banka. Identification is performed through a short video-call with the bank's staff, thanks to the new regulation introduced by the National Bank of Serbia.
“iKeš“ loan was awarded the “The Finovate“ prize in the international selection for the “Best Consumer Lending Platform”.  
Survey results show that the majority of customers are highly satisfied, given that the NPS (Net Promoter Score) is 83. 
TV campaign: TVC Link
• „WEB“ loan
When the pandemic broke out, there was no fully online financing option for e-commerce purchases available in the Serbian market. This is what incited the bank to digitalize its retail sales finance business, which had already proven its success in brick & mortar stores in previous years.
We designed and developed the WEB loan as a fully digital product by using the best technology available and relying heavily on a customer-centric approach. The loan was developed for customers who may need additional money to buy products they want on merchants’ web shops. With this loan, they could split the payment into a preferred number of instalments, in just 20 minutes. Very importantly - this applies also for New-to-Bank customers. Instead of having to save for purchases or go through the regular loan process within store visits, submitting documents and waiting, our WEB loan on web shops provides a quick and easy purchase, from the comfort and safety of one’s own home.  
Choosing the products and loan application are integrated into one seamless customer journey. A fully online experience is provided thanks to the short video identification and advanced electronic signature. In just 20 minutes, the loan account is set up and funds are disbursed to the merchant’s account, which means completion of the purchasing process. 
The WEB loan is currently available on 10 web shops in Serbia and we record a very high customer satisfaction score (NPS is 69). 

• „iRačun“ (iAccount)
This is the first current account in the local market that can be activated fully online, in just 15 minutes, and both opening it and maintenance is free of charge. It is intended both for Raiffeisen banka’s customers, as well as for non-customers.  
Thanks to this loan, instead of queuing, customers can now open a current account and have a 24/7 access to their finances without the need to visit the bank, at any time, from any place that is convenient to them, completely free of charge.
Applying for iRačun takes only a couple of minutes, thanks to the short video-identification and electronic signing of documents. Account activation is completed in approx. 15 minutes, the user obtains access to a range of accompanying products and services, and the user is able to carry out basic banking needs and transactions. 
The most important products and services are: Virtual debit cards; latest generation mobile application; contactless payment by mobile phone at points of sale (so-called mobile wallets Apple Pay and RaiPay), 24/7 bank support, thanks to the Raiffeisen electronic assistant (REA), web chat, the bank’s Contact Centre, mobile application inbox; multifunctional ATMs 24/7... 

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