CCIFS Grand Prix 2021 : Raiffeisen banka's donations during Covid-19 pandemic

At this year's Gala, the CCIFS 2021 Grand Prix will be held. Company Raiffeisen, is nominee for the category "RSE".

Raiffeisen banka takes responsibility for its actions and its impact on employees, stakeholders and communities.
The socially responsible behavior of Raiffeisen banka is reflected in the way it conducts its business, how it manages its impact on the environment, how it treats its employees and how it supports community activities that aim to solve social problems. 

In 2020, when the whole society and the economy faced an unprecedented challenge due to the outbreak of Covid pandemic, everybody has become aware of the importance of keeping one’s own and others’ safety and health. Also, the importance of a well-equipped and functioning medical service proved to be of crucial importance. Immediately after the outbreak, Raiffeisen banka was among the few local companies that responded promptly to the challenge the pandemic caused to our medical system. Throughout the year, we have donated funds for the purchase of:  
• 10 respirators for hospitals in Serbia as part of the UNICEF project of urgent support to the medical system, 
• 50 protective boxes for 5 hospitals in Serbia (used when patients are being intubated)
• 20 oxygen flowmeters for Covid hospitals in Serbia 
• 5 oxygen masks for Covid hospitals 
• 3 specialized electrical beds for Covid hospital 
Overall, the bank donated nearly EUR 104,000 in order to support the medical system in Serbia.

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