CCIFS Grand Prix 2021 : Schneider Electric : Building Management system in GTC Green Heart office park

At this year's Gala, the CCIFS 2021 Grand Prix will be held. Company Schneider Electric, is nominee for the category "Innovations".

Energy efficiency has become an indispensable element of business operations. Daily efforts to rationalize the exploitation of energy sources and to contribute to the preservation of natural resources is accompanied by tendency to reduce energy consumption and renew its resources. Building Management System (BMS), installed to monitor and control "smart buildings" technical systems and services, is an example of a state-of-the-art system in the field of energy management.

International Energy Agency estimates that about 60% of electricity use goes to buildings, and building operation energy-related emissions account for 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The introduction of green solutions is not only climate-friendly but is a profitable investment, whereby the World Green Building reported almost 14% lower maintenance costs of eco-friendly facilities than the costs of typical commercial buildings.

Schneider Electric contributes to global sustainability aspirations by implementing solutions in the field of electrical installations and Building Management System (BMS). Such solution was implemented in the GTC Green Heart office park in Belgrade.

In a building characterized by a modern exterior and solutions of the future, in addition to creating a comfortable working environment, the energy efficiency of the space is increased by connecting all installed systems to a unique "user friendly" software platform EcoStruxure Building Operation (EBO) developed by Schneider Electric.

The application of the latest generation of "open" end-to-end IoT (Internet of Things) controllers, sensors and devices throughout the space has enabled the connection of originally different systems such as switchboards, access control, heating and air conditioning, lighting, automated shutters and blinds, flood alarm systems and so on into a single, automated real-time monitoring and management system. In addition, monitoring and management of the system is enabled even when employees are out of the office, using applications for smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Thanks to the application of advanced solutions, not only are the most optimal working conditions provided for employees, but a unique, automated monitoring and management system has contributed to the improvement of operational and energy efficiency in business. Compared to multiple independent systems, with a significant reduction in total costs, the given advantages represent the application of smart solutions in order to optimize the overall use of energy.

Project goal – user’s perspective:

“We all know time is money, and that is why we strive to save it to all our customers. On the other hand, energy efficiency can accelerate their growth and profitability as well. Through the Green Heart project, Schneider Electric has provided the GTC office park with smart working conditions, taking into consideration comfort, easy space management, energy savings, environmental protection and adaptability of space”, says Dejan Pavlov, Facility Manager from PREM International, responsible for the technical management of the GTC Green Heart complex, and adds that in this way it is possible to maintain Green Heart much more efficiently through more optimal use of energy and HVAC systems. “EcoStruxture Building Operation software”, Pavlov points out, “is the backbone of all technical installations in the complex. Thanks to it, communication and transfer of information from different systems was achieved so that they could function optimally. The EcoStruxture solution helps fellow employees to observe and use data within the complex as a tool. It is integrated into their work environment and they use it on a daily basis.

Activities and resources:

The Schneider Electric team focused its activities towards providing maximum support to investors and contractors starting from the initial phase of the preliminary design, through the design of electrical installations and BMS systems.

Schneider Electric local partners as well as our local office engineers participated in the project.


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