CCIFS Grand Prix 2021 : Tigar Tyres - “Growing together”

The Grand Prix will be presented at this year's Gala Dinner. Tigar Tires has been nominated for the Corporate Social Responsibility category.

In accordance with the Michelin Group's Charter on Performance and Accountability, as a socially responsible company, Tigar Tyres actively participates in the life of the local community. The project called “Growing together” was implemented in 2013 with the aim of supporting the local community in the areas of education, health, safety and ecology. In 2020, more than 100,000.00 euros were invested, and a total of over 2 million euros to date in the development of the local community.

In the previous year, in the conditions of the covid pandemic, the “Growing together” project was mostly aimed at helping health and public institutions with the aim of preventing the spread of Covid 19. For all departments of the General Hospital Pirot and the Health Center, devices for automatic measurement of body temperature, pulse oximeters, and non-contact thermometers were procured, as well as protective means and equipment much needed in the fight against the pandemic (disinfectants, gloves, protective masks and suits). The company also donated funds for the purchase of a respirator and helped purchase the missing amount of seasonal flu vaccines.

In the field of health care, the purchase of missing dental equipment enables children with developmental disabilities to receive the necessary assistance - dental interventions in their city. The Department of Physical Medicine was provided with equipment for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

In the field of education, support was provided for the improvement of bilingual class within the long-term cooperation with the Highschool Pirot and preconditions were created for the launch of dual education in Pirot.

Last year, the company awarded scholarships to 34 full-time and master's students.

The realization of the project "Growing together" continued in 2021 with a special emphasis on health and ecology. The company supported the purchase of an automatic station for measuring the presence of sulfur dioxide in the air. At the beginning of the year, when Pirot and its surroundings were hit by a flood caused by the outflow of Nisava from its riverbed, the company donated financial aid in the amount of one million dinars to the city to repair the consequences of the flood, and additional help was given to families of our employees who were affected by floods.

In order to improve the ecological culture, the company has prepared a waste sorting project for all Pirot schools, which, in addition to creating the preconditions-infrastructure, also includes educational workshops with students.

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