CCIFS Grand Prix 2022: Mecafor - Automation of monitoring the production process

The Grand Prix award shall be held on this year's Gala evening. Mecafor is nominated for "Innovations" category.

For any company engaged in production, monitoring and control of this process are very important for the realization of goals.

Mecafor is making great efforts to make the consolidated data from our production process (number of pieces produced, percentage of waste, downtime, capacity utilization ...) available as soon as possible.

Our original solution required daily collection of completed work orders and a lot of time in order to manually enter data into the system and only then be available for further analysis and processing.

This solution had a lot of flaws and room for improvement. It took a long time to enter all the data into the system, it required the engagement of one person who would only deal with data entry, there was a risk of incorrect data entry, and the data was available in the system the next day.

Driven by the desire to improve and speed up this process, we came up with a new, much more effective solution, which includes automatic data entry into the system, in real time processing.

Today, in the factory we have scanner devices that are directly connected to the system, with which employees scan the barcode of each processed piece, and in a few minutes we have access to all the necessary data in the system.

This approach to monitoring production has enabled us to:

  • Real-time monitor the production process
  • Save time previously used to enter data into the system
  • Be available to see accurate and realistic production data in just a few minutes
  • Be more efficient and precise in production planning
  • Have ability to create all kinds of reports and necessary data analysis

By using this solution to collect and automate real-time data, we have significantly improved the company's productivity.

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