CCIFS Grand Prix 2022: Mecafor - Donations to the local community in the field of health, sport and culture

The Grand Prix award ceremony shall be held on this year's Gala evening. Mecafor is nominated for "Corporate social responsibility" category.

Mecafor sees its social responsibility as an important tool with which it can really contribute to improve the quality of life in Kikinda.

From the very beginning, Mecafor tried to listen to the needs of society and help making them possible. We see our role as a reliable partner to the community, who is there, to improve the quality of life of the community in which we live and work.

Our actions are focused on three main areas of activity : health care, culture and sports.


For many years, Mecafor has been helping the health institutions of Kikinda, to which we donate the necessary and modernized medical equipment at least once a year.

From 2016 until now, Mecafor has donated around 20,000 euros in health care.

In previous years, Mecafor donated in the field of health: funds for the renewal of children's and school dispensary lighting, a new ophthalmology device, 10 air conditioners, complete physical therapy equipment and, during the COVID-19 virus pandemic, protective gloves for health workers.


Sports activities and organizations are another area through which we strive to support the development of our community.

Mecafor has been supporting many sports clubs for years, as well as their tournaments and competitions.

In 2021 we supported:

  • Football club „ZAK“ - as the general sponsor of the celebration of the ninetieth anniversary of the club
  • Volleyball club for the disabled "Feniks" - funds for the organization of the annual tournament
  • Volleyball club "KI 0230" - 200 T-shirts for club members
  • Table tennis club Kikinda - funds for the purchase of necessary sports equipment.

In 2021 alone, about 4,000 euros were donated to Kikinda sports clubs.


The third area of our activity is focused on the development of culture and enrichment of the cultural contents of Kikinda.

In 2021 we donated:

  • Funds for the twentieth international jazz and blues music festival
  • Funds for the construction of a monument to King Peter I "Liberator" on Kikinda Square

We have donated around 2,000 euros for cultural events in 2021.

Finally, we can say that socially responsible behavior is an integral part of our business and future development. With the rise of Mecafor, our social influence will also grow.

We believe that with our actions and efforts we can really make positive changes for our employees, their families and our community.

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