CCIFS Grand Prix 2022 : Mikroelektronika – Planet Debug

The Grand Prix award shall be held on this year's Gala evening. The Mikroelektronika company is nominated for "Innovations" category.

PLANET DEBUG: MIKROE world first Industry-ready Remote Access hardware as a service Solution.

Online learning has been a part of many educational institutions since the spread of the internet. New norms such as social distancing and limits on face to face interaction are dramatically accelerating the shift from traditional in-person learning to virtual classes on digital platforms. The availability of online courses opens opportunities to international and distance learning students. Remote learning offers students the flexibility of learning at any time, from anywhere. With these benefits, online learning is expanding exponentially, and universities must rapidly transform to keep pace with the remote learning trend: Secured, Flexible, Anytime, Anywhere

Purpose-build Planed debug platform bring unique benefits:

  • Time-saving: no waiting for actual product to be shipped and delivered
  • Energy friendly: No PC on Planet Debug location, less shipment- less CO"
  • Low- cost initial investment: $4.00/ day, lot of free options too*
  • Security: SSL, HEX, no PC
  • Social: Equal starting point to all engineers in the world (developing countries addressed)
  • Any locations- only internet connection required
  • Any time: 24/7/365
  • Flexible: multiple boards and architectures supported
  • Try before you buy: no more product which doesn't fit to your project 100 %
  • No set-up: everything work from the moment of connection

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