CCIFS Grand Prix 2022 : Schneider Electric- Foundation Center for Young Talents

The Grand Prix award ceremony shall be held on this year's Gala evening. Schneider Electric is nominated for "CSR" category.

Project description: As one of the leading IT companies in Novi Sad and Serbia, Schneider Electric LLC Novi Sad has established a Foundation Center for Young Talents wanting to contribute to development of theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of computer science, mathematics, and other areas by offering tutoring classes to fifth graders through high school graduates without any cost. Likewise, the goal is to promote improvement and practical implementation of education system in these areas, as well as to contribute to continuing education and training of existing school personnel.

With the mission to educate young talents and lay the first stone for a successful career, the Foundation was established on May 22, 2012 and this year celebrates 10 years of existence. For a full decade, 6,149 students attended classes, 5,643 hours of classes were realized, of which as many as 535 hours only during 2021. We introduced the first ONLINE course in 2016/2017 with the goal to prepare high school children (graduates) to enroll in mathematics or programming. We continued with this practice, so classes have been available for five years now to students throughout Serbia and Republika Srpska.

In 2017, the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development and the Foundation Center for Young Talents signed Cooperation Agreement in Novi Sad for providing free online training classes wanting to offer elementary and high school students the possibility to acquire knowledge in the field of mathematics and programming.        

For the time being, the Center provides courses only in Serbian, while classes in English are on the way. Lessons are held in the premises of the Foundation, as well as online, which was of great importance to all participants during the Corona virus pandemic. Such manner of teaching provides continuity in students’ education, in an interactive way and without the lack of quality. The online method of teaching was introduced in March 2020, with the aim of protecting the health of both students and lecturers, and is still taking place.

During the 10 years of the Foundation's existence, all financial funds were given by Schneider Electric. Apart from financial resources, the company directs a large part of its socially responsible activities towards positioning young people in the professional world. The Foundation is part of Schneider's broader socially responsible platform, which includes traditional cooperation with technical faculties in Novi Sad and Belgrade, through scholarships and a mentoring program for the best students. The scholarship program is designed to support the best students in college endeavors and further motivate them to be proactive and successful during their studies.

Activities: Organization of online and on-site free of charge classes for elementary and high school students in mathematics, web programming, Python, C+, C++, all adapted to students of different knowledge level.

Target audience: Fifth graders, through high school graduates, on the territory of the Republic of Serbia and Republika Srpska.

Results: For a full decade, 6,149 students attended classes, 5,643 hours of classes were held, of which as many as 535 hours and 2330 students only during 2021.

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