CCIFS Grand Prix 2022 : Stanton Chase International- Talent Management Award

The Grand Prix award shall be held on this year's Gala evening. The Stanton Chase International company is nominated for "Innovations" category.

Stanton Chase International is a recognized and leading global executive search company that has been in business for more than 30 years, including over 15 years in the Serbian market.

Since 2014, Stanton Chase Belgrade office established “Talent Management Award” to honor companies that invest in the development of employees at all levels, especially future leaders. This award became both traditional and prestigious, as well as raised awareness of the importance of the human resources sector's work and its entire company

Our process started by selecting companies by types of industry and those that we were sure were investing a lot of effort and money in talent development. We selected about 40 companies and invited their CEO’s and Human Resources Directors to participate. We included domestic companies, as we recognize their difficult position establishing procedures in comparison to international companies. Overall, we had nearly thirty companies accept our first event.

The purpose was to provide an objective view and to make a fair conclusion. We invited competent managers, experts, in addition to our consultants, to take part as jury.  The members of our first juries in 2014 were Ms. Dejana Lazić, Director of the University Center for Career Development and Student Counseling, Bojan Radun, EBRD Consultant and President of the Board of the Serbian Association of Managers and Dr. Dragan Lončar, Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Consultant at Peterhof.

The first event was successful. We heard many different ideas, plans, and realizations that demonstrated examples of good employer practice and were a guidance for those who have yet to reveal and realize their potential.

We were inspired to add supplementary awards, for future events, in addition to the main award as we felt innovative ideas should be recognized and honored. Moreover, we wanted to include and honor domestic companies that invest in talent development in a market that is highly competitive among international companies.

Following this our participants invited us to moderate HR group meetings (HR SKUP) and to hold quarterly meetings to share best practices and experiences in the field of HR, as well as business in general.

We invited different companies to host these meetings, organized panel discussions, and built a separate LinkedIn page as moderators. Since then, we moderated over 20 Human Resources Meetings quarterly. It has been very successful, that we also had waiting list of companies requesting to host. We continued our initiative and during the pandemic we held the Human Resources Meeting online.

The main award includes coaching sessions with our most experienced consultants in order to contribute to the development of young talents.

In terms of business, creating these events and awards has helped our company solidify its reputation as one of the market leaders in identifying and developing senior management teams, and as a result we have signed multi-year business agreements with large multi-national and domestic companies.


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