CCIFS Grand Prix2019: Quantox technology candidate for Innovations

At this year's Gala, the CCIFS 2019 Grand Prix will be held. Company Quantox Technology, member of CCIFS since this year, is nominee for the category "Innovations".

Poslovna internet mreža (lit. Business internet network) is a website builder and an e-commerce solution. PIM provides an easy internet presence to individuals and companies, and helps them to utilize modern internet technologies in their everyday business. Our goal is to help people to focus more on their product and business, while reducing the time they spend on tech solutions. This platform, in cooperation with the wide range of partners, provides logistics and creation of an online shop where users can purchase by card payments online. The system is created with the focus on simplicity an easy-to-use mindset so that our user can start their online business within a couple of days.

Taking into consideration the expansion of internet users in our region, it's evident the lack of the suitable solution for micro, small and mid-size companies, that require more visibility and online presence, in order to present and sell their products and services.

PIM is made with the vision to fix the huge technology gap in the local online industry by providing the local community all advantages of e-commerce systems that are available worldwide.

In Serbian market there is still no local solution for building websites and e-commerce which is adapted to local enterpreneurs' needs, the solution that provides all-in-one service with tech support, payment options and CRM system.

PIM provides the set of tools for creating online presentations, online shops and the service for issuing vouchers for in advance payments for the services. PIM, with the help of it's partners, offers the optimized process of registration for major online card payments processing platforms, which reduces time from 30 to 5 days to complete this registration.

1. The team:

The PIM team is consisted of 2 Frontend developers, 2 Backend developers, 1 QA tester, 1 Project manager and a Marketing manager

2. Infrastructure:

Cloud servers, Cloud DNS, Agile development tools

The mission and activities

The PIM mission is digital transformation. Today, there is the constant business need for improvement, promotion and sale of products online due to the ongoing change in business models that directly affect the growth of the classic business. However, those options are mainly reserved for companies with much bigger resources, companies that have very large budgets for their website development needs. Our goals it empower micro, small and mid-size companies by providing them highlevel technology as a tool for making their business better, for making their business visible to others, and for applying these new technologies in advertising and sales activities. The large number of people don't utilize all benefits of the internet, and PIM wants to provide the knowledge and support to those people when they apply modern tools in the traditional area of their businesses. That support is not limited just with the usage of our solution, we aim to contribute in improving the overall digital knowledge of the local population. This way, we provide the change for enterpreneurs to sell their products not only in Serbia, but in the entire region, which will improve their chances of expansion and improving their business.

PIM is currently nominated in the category of the Best online service brand for the contest The Best from Serbia.

Partners that already recognized the importance and the quality of PIM, and included our service in their offers are:

  • Societe Generale bank
  • Serbian Broad Band SBB
  • Royal Express
  • Paušal
  • iPay
  • and many others soon..





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