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Candidate for Grand Prix 2018 / Innovation

„Market place”- B2B online platform created to connect the Excellent SME certificate holders, the certificate issuer - Chamber of Commerce and the partner - Coface office involved in the evaluation of companies.

The platform enables both better communication and better visibility of holder companies and their offers on the Internet. Each company has a public profile available to everyone, which contributes to greater visibility of the brand. Communication among members is direct and their offer is visible in other countries.

This project connects all Excellent SME certificate holders from the region.

An interactive platform contributes to a more transparent business - the buyer and the seller are both certified companies. Its benefits are as follows: Exclusivity - only Excellent SME holders can access. Security - buyers and sellers are the Excellent SME Certificate holders. Benefits - exclusive discounts, special offers, networking, promotion.

B2B Market na  Excellent SME Market connects the best

The platform has around 2300 active members.


EXCELLENT SME SERTIFIKAT- three trust pillars

The platform represents a new form of communication in line with the new digitization era, available 24/7 with live content update.

The online Market place platform is linked to the SafeSigned technology that is used to protect Excellent SME certificates and the websites it protects.

SafeSigned technology includes protection

• proactive phishing and copy protection.

• 24/7 monitoring of website access.

• Personalized cross-signing technology; Your personal signature appears on every single seal on any web site using the SafeSigned technology. When you see your personal signature, you are sure.

Is the risk real of someone misusing the name of your company and managing a fake website under the logo of your company?

Yes. 75,000 “phishing” websites are created on a weekly basis, and identity abuse is a serious problem at the global level.

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