Credit Agricole : Santa Claus for a Day

Candidate for the Grand Prix 2018 / Corporate Social Responsibility

Santa Claus for Day project was designed as a CSR campaign of the Bank promoted through social networks with the aim to include a wider audience and raise public awareness on the needs of children with disabilities.

In order for the general public to pay attention to the specificity of our CSR target group and the complexity of their position and position in which their families are in, in December 2017 we invited social network users to join us in one project and in that way to become Santa Claus for a Day.

The Bank has launched a charity campaign for New Year's gifts donation to children with disabilities who attend elementary school Dušan Dugalić in Belgrade, and invited fans to write their New Year's greeting card for a child from the school in a comment below the announcement of the project. In return, for every written message, Crédit Agricole Serbia has donated a New Year’s gift. In this way, the Bank was in charge of the financial aspect of the project, and the Bank gave an opportunity to it fans to actively participate in the action, because for each comment the Bank donated a New Year's gift. Besides the gifts, each child also received a specially designed new Year’s card with the wishes and signature of a fan from the social network that sent it.

- All students received New Year's gifts with content adapted to their needs and in value of 2000 dinars each
- More than 350 participants and their comments
- More than 170,000 people (unique people) from all over Serbia who saw the project
- More than 100 000 views of our special New Year's greeting video
- 1210 new fans on Facebook

Most importantly, Crédit Agricole Srbija succeeded to brighten the holidays for the children, their families and teachers to whom this support is more than significant.

These results were achieved with only 8 different posts and with a total budget of EUR 1050 invested in media advertising on social networks. Bank launched the campaign with two awareness posts, three engagement posts and two page ads, while at the end of the campaign we wished happy holidays with a special after event video material. The whole projects was realized with Flexis digital marketing agency.

In addition, 500e was invested in the production of greeting cards, envelopes and video materials.

Crédit Agricole continues to actively work on support for children and in 2018 – the target group of all CSR activities of the Bank. 


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