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Fly Fly Travel is a socially responsible company, which dedicates a lot of time to educating personnel in the field of tourism and civil aviation. In line with that, we have decided to provide a free training for interested candidates, where the best get a chance to get a job.


The company goal is to educate skilled personnel via Fly Fly Academy programmes through socially responsible activities such as vocational training, summer schools (a special programme for students and unemployed people, with Fly Fly Travel bearing all costs), and chances for employment in the company itself, or in one of the world airlines.


We wish to directly influence the education and development of skilled personnel, enabling them to gain necessary skills and expertise for doing business in the areas of tourism and aviation through our programmes. What stands out from many available programmes is the commitment to finding an employment in airlines upon completing them.

Engaged people/partners:

1) a) Fly Fly Travel employees – Human Resource Coordinator, Sales Manager, Chief Operating Officer, Commercial sector, Marketing sector, Aircraft Reception and Escort Supervisor, Manager of the airport office

b) Fly Fly Academy employees – Director and Coordinator of Training

c) Volunteers and practitioners

2) The Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality “Singidunum” and “Oxford Academy” were also our partners, providing support in the realisation and promotion of the project

3) Airlines which inform us about the times of selection and recruitment of staff


Fly Fly Academy, which has been part of Fly Fly Group since February 2013, has in 2016 introduced scholarships for its training programme for aviation and travel agents, and dangerous goods transport. The first part of training includes a three-week acquisition of theoretical knowledge presented by renowned lecturers. Participants have a final knowledge test upon the completion of the first part of training. The second part includes a practical training in the Galileo reservation system, after which there is a vocational training lasting six weeks. After completing this training, the best candidates have the opportunity to become employees of Fly Fly Travel.


26 candidates passed through the training, 6 out of which have received employment in Fly Fly Travel agency as equal team members in different sectors. Most of the participants were unemployed before the beginning of this course, and it provided them with the necessary skills to work in tourism.


The biggest benefits of the training are candidates who, after the training, are at the company’s disposal to employ at various positions. Our team is thus constantly becoming richer with new employees, and at the same time we are working intensively on reducing unemployment. Also, individuals receive an education that will enable them to find adequate business opportunities.

Channels of communication with potential participants:

The candidates were informed about the programme through media channels (print, electronic, television), as well as through the portal of the National Employment Service. We also participated in important job fairs, where candidates had the opportunity to ask about the training and apply for it directly. We published the dates and stages of the training in details through our Fly & Travel Inflight Magazine, as well as the experiences of attendees who participated in it. 


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