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For nine years in a row, KPMG Belgrade is making annual contributions to easier and more efficient functioning of BELhospice, the first specialized institution for palliative care in Serbia. KPMG is very proud to support BELhospice as a firm, but even more proud because we have managed to inspire our colleagues to engage themselves through individual support activities. In this way we support BELhospice not just with finances but with our hearts and knowledge, raising employee awareness about the importance of taking part in these activities, and we work knowing that our daily routines help cancer patients during the last phase of their illness and their families go through some of the toughest moments in their lives.

As a company we support BELhospice by providing our professional services of consulting and auditing. Our knowledge and expertise is activated for the benefit of our local community. We also motivate our employees to take part in addressing this important community issue. Some of our employees made personal initiatives and motivated their friends to collect funds for the so that patients would have a place where they can deal with their illness, surrounded by their families.

As a firm we have supported this project directly, with financial support, but also through participating and motivating others to participate in numerous humanitarian activities, from the annual charity ball to football and tennis tournaments. The hospital will allow not just modern but also humane and dignified conditions for the patients.

KPMG addresses the support strategically. We create conditions for easier day-to-day business and operations and we increase institutional capacity to deal with daily issues; we also try to inspire employees to take active interest in problems associated with palliative care, as one of the burning social issues. This way we expand the number of actively involved citizens. We also strengthen the volunteering sprit among our colleagues to allow them to become both community and business leaders. We support not just BELhospice, the creation of dignified and humane conditions for the patients, but also the establishment of long term basis for the development of social activism and charitable work in the country.

Our firm shares its success with those in need, employees increase their sense of personal responsibility towards society, and the community receives strong institutions acting as one of the most important links in its functioning as a modern, charitable and humane society.


  • Financial resources: 2015: 4,500 EUR
  •  Internal resources: pro bono audit and consulting services (worth 10,000 EUR in 2015)
  • Human resources: participation of our employees in humanitarian activities organised by BELhospice, 47 employees participated in 2015


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