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Candidature pour le Grand Prix de la CCIFS, dans la catégorie Innovation

Lafarge BFC, present in Serbia since 2002, is part of the LafargeHolcim Group, a global giant in the production of building materials. A global leader and holder of innovative solutions in the construction industry, Lafarge is competing this year with the ‘Lafarge Houses’ program for "Grand Prix CCIFS", in the category ‘Award for inventiveness’.

The company has come to the Serbian market with the Lafarge Houses project and a unique concept of construction, which includes: 

  • Credit line for financing (with the possibility of placing a mortgage on the building being built)
  • Providing design documentation
  •  Obtaining construction permits and use permits for the building
  • Building a house, that is, the execution of works on the principle of "turnkey" within 28 days

The offer also includes the possibility to access a single database (map) with a recommendation of specific plots suitable for construction.

With this program, Lafarge offers its clients a complete process of getting the desired home, that is, the opportunity to build a house which suits them in a fast, efficient and secure way, at an affordable price, and which, depending on technology and specific customer requirements, can be completed in less than a month of obtaining the necessary permits.

In 2016, the first series of Lafarge houses was presented, and it consisted of 9 types of buildings, single-storey and multi-storey, with three levels of furnishing (standard, premium and lux), with the possibilities of the environmental green or traditional gable roof; new construction systems were applied, such as DWS (Double Wall System), i.e. the system of half-prefabricated walls, largely accepted in the world and responsible for the long duration of the building and a complete sense of security in relation to all external influences.

The first two contracts for the construction of the Lafarge houses from the described series in Belgrade and Novi Sad have been signed to this date, while another two are being processed; their total value is estimated at 0.7 million Euros. Belgrade, Vojvodina, Mačva and Šumadija are the regions that are currently able to meet the needs of the clients interested in building the Lafarge houses, while the extension of the offer to other parts of the country is expected in the next period.

The described first series is just the beginning. The very concept of the Lafarge houses shall be developed further, by listening to the needs of the market and taking into account the suggestions of clients. The program of high energy buildings is being prepared, while the B2B offer (business to business) for investors and construction companies in the area of housing will be promoted in 2017. 


A significant step forward from the primary scope of the company has been made with the Lafarge Houses project, which has made it become involved in a new area of business. Listening to the contemporary Serbian market, that is identifying, on the one hand, the needs of today's population for the traditional way of life, which means living in the house, and, on the other, certain limitations that make it difficult to achieve this kind of life, has resulted in the offer that is now competing for "Grand prix CCIFS".

Lafarge Houses, a unique and comprehensive project, designed in a way that meets the most demanding needs of the Serbs, and potentially clients in the region, and meeting every specific request of the future owners of residential buildings, is not only a significant step forward for the company Lafarge; it is about the offer that has not been seen on the Serbian market for a long time, from which a significant contribution to construction is expected not only in this region. The above-mentioned reasons, we hope, make the Lafarge Houses program an appropriate candidate in the category ‘Award for inventiveness’. 

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