SOCIETE GENERALE BANK : Online branch, inovative e-banking solution

Grand Prix 2016 candidature, catégorie Innovation

By the end of 2015, Societe Generale Srbija has launched the first online branch in the country and the region, which has also introduced for the first time  the usage of  digital signature in e-banking. Online branch brought a kind of revolution in banking, since customers can,  for the first time  in addition to other services such are standard electronic banking, paying bills, checking account balance, etc., perform more complex ones, such as getting approval for overdraft or taking cash loan, opening a savings account, fully online. The implementation of online branch is a result of  the need for Societe Generale Srbija to follow  trends and requirements of its clients, offering them a unique user experience and a chance to, perform some of the more complex financial services anywhere and even out of the working hours of the  branches.

Online branch monitors innovation in terms of products, processes, organizational changes and marketing campaigns. Its implementation included the creation and implementation of innovative software that allows the safe use of online products and services. Clients also benefit of the "one on one" support given by the bankers, who are available for consultation via video calls or live chat, which is another aspect of innovation, that requires appropriate software support and new processes in the work. In this way, customers can save time, to choose the place and manner of communication, while maintaining the classic personal relationship with a banker.

The innovation that has brought changes in the working process and services of SGS, at the same time  has expanded the target group of online  including a new generation whose requirements and needs exceed supply and services of existing branches. This innovation has inducted to SGS a challenge  to closer  introduce benefits of using online branch to   existing customers of all ages. The communication strategy, in addition to campaigns and TV, radio, print advertising and other traditional media,  is oriented to both social networks and blogs, with a long-term plan to build partnership relations with clients, both in direct and  indirect contact.

Online branch is a completely new organizational unit within the network Direction. It is effectively integrated into the bank's multichannel environment and promotes the activation of customers and through physical branches, by organizing training and workshops to learn about its functionalities. The development and launch of the first online branch is the result of coordinated work of all departments within the bank - the Department for product development, branch network, legal services, risk management sector, IT sector, marketing and human resources sectors. With the great support of the bank top management, the realization that  lasted a year and a half, delivered to customers a service that is the result of understanding their needs, environment and position of the bank on the market. Key success factors include a large involvement of all employees in the bank to understand the importance of the project of online branch, with proper training and preparation of materials for support. Preparation and launch of a demanding project was accompanied by an integrated marketing campaign and consequently,by an  increase of  public interest in the unique innovation of Societe Generale banka Srbija. Online branch has caused a great interest of clients – this is confirmed  not only by  the number of active users of e- services in March 2016, that  increased by 100 percent compared to March last year, but also by the fact that  a quarter of the total number of overdafts have been  approved through the online branch.

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