Societe Generale bank : Strategic cooperation between Societe Generale Srbija and Centre for technology entrepreneurship development (ICT Hub)

Candidature pour le Grand Prix 2017 de la CCIFS, dans la catégorie Innovation

To keep track of new clients’ requirements in a digital age, in February of 2016, Societe Generale Bank established strategic cooperation, the first of the kind, with ICT Hub (Centre for Technological Entrepreneurship). The Bank’s support contributed to strengthening and encouraging the start-up culture and IT entrepreneurship in Serbia. On the other hand, the Bank strengthened its internal innovation capacities - Through various activities, employees have been encouraged to innovate by using knowledge, tools, methodologies and the energy of technological start-ups. This cooperation opened the Bank’s door to new partnerships from the start-up ecosystem, to partners developing innovative products and services for clients use in an expanding digital environment.  

Key elements of this cooperation are: 

  • Support to start-up ecosystem and building the FinTech communities that regroup banking, financial and IT experts;
  • Training of Bank employees on new tools and methodologies used by technological start-ups, employees communication with the start-up community aimed at strengthening innovation capacities of the bank
  • Creating innovative products and services.

Support to start-up ecosystem and building FinTech community

Result – Strengthening start-ups and promoting FinTech in Serbia

Creating the FinTech community in Serbia by organizing the first Fintech hackathon in Serbia, in cooperation with company KPMG, involving teams comprising IT experts, web designers and other profiles, who developed innovative solutions to improve banking services. The winners received a 5000 euro prize.


The Bank organized the first Open Innovation Challenge, a unique event staged for the first time in Serbia, with the aim of promoting innovation by devising creative solutions for improving banking services. Around 80 participants of various business profiles (entrepreneurs, designers, employees in creative and IT industries, bankers) divided in 15 teams, devised innovative solutions for users of financial services that are personalized, always available and intended for freelancers and individuals customers.

Employees education and their connection with startup community

Result – improved innovative culture of the bank

Employees and startups exchanged experiences through different events – gatherings, workshops, lectures, conferences – but also through everyday work. HR direction has organized education for employees about IT sector, startup culture and innovation. A team leader assigned to innovation was delegated by the bank.

Creating innovative products and services

Result – introduction of new products and services, creation of new solutions, development and improvement of the processes which significantly reduce procedures, accelerate processes and rationalize costs

Thanks to intense cooperation with startups, special package of products and services SINHRO was created allowing the bank to offer a unique product in the market segment of lump sum taxpayer entrepreneurs. The start-up companies connected to bank’s teams that have been given the opportunity to work on the development of innovative solutions, both in the retail and corporate segments include, among others, 30 Hills, Cube, Clever doo, Smartwave ...

Bank will continue to support start-up ecosystem in Serbia, and to cooperate and work together on innovation, empowering innovative spirit in Bank but also in the community where it operates, and developing innovative solutions and services which will make banking easier for its clients. 

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