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Candidate for the Grand Prix 2018/ Corporate Social Responsibility

Project goal

Societe Generale has been operating for over 40 years in Serbia with a mission to support the development of clients and their projects by financing and expertise. Such a long tradition would not be possible without a pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit that employees share with clients and strategic commitment to innovation. For the past two years, the Bank has been actively supporting the startup ecosystem and empowering technological entrepreneurship. This collaboration has inspired us to expand existing initiatives and contribute to the development of a sustainable economy through a long-term platform that will be a main pillar of CSR when it comes to supporting and encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation.


Creation of the Generator in the year of celebrating the jubilee - 40 years of doing business in Serbia through the launch of a competition for the best 40 entrepreneurial innovations.

Target group

Those who want to start or improve a business, who have an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas, regardless of their business realm.


The heart of the Generator platform is the site We wanted to attract and inform people about the project, invite them to register their innovations, and when the top 40 innovations were chosen, engage the public to vote for the winner for the award of the public.

Out of 780 applications, 120 were selected in the second round, out of which we expected business plans creation. Then we selected 60 who presented their ideas to jury. The selected 40 received professional video material on the site, as well as promotion on through an innovative content box format. During the voting, the bank promoted the project through social networks and the media, and invited people to vote for the best innovations in Serbia. At the same time, all 40 innovators created their own creative campaigns in the fight for the prize of the public -500,000 RSD.

All finalists received a training for presenting their innovations at the final event in front of  startup and entrepreneurial community, the top management of the bank and project partners, potential investors, the media. The winner of the competition received from the bank a million RSD prize, and the project partners - ICT Hub, Maxi, Vip mobile, Kupujem Prodajem, Mainstream and Startup Pausal provided special awards, expertise and promoted the project.


We received 780 applications. In the voting phase, more than 100,000 votes were recorded, as well as a million views of project pages from the beginning of the voting phase to the final event.

The promotion of the project and independent creative campaigns of the innovators during the voting phase caused a viral word-of-mouth effect and visibility of projects on social networks, while Generator was the most present topic in the media related to Societe Generale  in 2017.

More important, in addition to the awarded projects, all 40 innovators and their teams  have been empowered in different ways. Through different stages they gained additional knowledge in the field of creating a business plan, project promotion, public appearance, they made valuable contacts, get promoted by the bank, the media and their own efforts, received promotional material, reference and support for easier development of their businesses and projects.

Generator continues to generate innovation in 2018.

Generator Fluo is underway to empower students to launch and develop entrepreneurial initiatives.

 Nagrada publike : Petguards, startap koji je deo i "Startap akceleratora" Francusko-srpske privredne komore. 


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