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Candidate for the Grand Prix 2018 / Corporate Social Responsibility

Total Serbia has launched a social responsibility campaign dedicated to children of early age in schools as part of the global “On the road to safety” initiative. The project was localized in coordination with experienced educators who helped us to develop materials and teaching resources for children in order to make the class highly interactive and entertaining.

Through visual demonstration, question cards and ice-breaking games, the children are encouraged to express their views and opinions about certain situations that may happen on their way to school and back, to connect the situations with their own experiences and to conclude by themselves why a certain behavior in traffic is unsafe. To make the classes more fun and dynamic, we introduced Robot Quartz whom the children find absolutely thrilling. There is also a team of supervisors who are helping to handle large groups and making sure that every child takes part in the activities.

On top of it, a specially developed tablet game “On the road to safety”, an integral part of the campaign, serves as a great platform for the children to learn through play. Each level of the game represents a certain situation in traffic. The children are encouraged to complete all five levels by displaying proper behavior in traffic. Game is available for everyone on our local web site, in English and in Serbian: 

At the end of the day, the children are going back home with a certificate signed by the municipality and Total, stating that they had a successful achievement on training.

As a part of this initiative, a stop sign with Total Robot image will be displayed outside of the schools and will be visible to all passengers and cars.

For this occasion we had a press event on 27th of September in “Starina Novak” primary school to secure media support and spread the word about the project nationwide. Official statements were given by the president of the municipality and Tamara Mandic, marketing and digital responsible at Total Serbia.

In 2017 the project was implemented in Serbia for the first time in 17 primary schools in Palilula municipality of the city of Belgrade.

The project is approved by the Secretariat for Education and Children’s Welfare and supported by local authorities of Palilula municipality. After this successful implementation, the project will be extended to other municipalities and cities to become a national project.

Project costs were 7.500 eur. 

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