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Exhibition „Apocalypse Insight“ of french-serbian artist Miloš Todorović

Drina Gallery invites you to a private view of the exhibition "Apocalypse Insight", where artist Miloš Todorović will exhibit his latest series of paintings. This rare and remarkable cultural event will be Miloš Todorović's first exhibition in Belgrade after 27 years since, at the invitation of academician Vladimir Veličković, he went to Paris to study at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts where he obtained his master's degree in painting in 1999.

Todorović announced his "physical" (actually: creative) death at the end of 2013 and subsequently withdrew completely from the public, deleting any trace of his own existence. He returned to the public briefly in 2015 with the exhibition "226", which featured solely photographs and was staged at the Providence Hotel in Paris for only one day. The subject of the exhibition was self-portraits in photographs taken in the bathrooms of hotels in five cities where Miloš Todorović was intensively staying in that time: Paris, London, New York, Moscow and Belgrade. After that, Todorović retreats again and becomes unavailable to the public until now, when he decides to return to the public again and rightly so, with a new exhibition - the first after more than six years .

Miloš Todorović is the laureate of two of the greatest professional awards in France in the field of painting - the Antoine Marin Foundation Award and the prize for painting awarded by the French Academy of Sciences and Arts from the Pierre Cardin Fund.

So far, he has exhibited his artworks in fourteen solo and over thirty group exhibitions, and his paintings have been exhibited along with artworks by Andy Warhol, Keith Harring, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns, Jean Michel Basquiat, Erro, Combas, Damien Hirst, Mel Ramos, Douglas Gordon etc.

More than a thousand of his artworks are in various private and public collections today such as the Frissiras Museum / Athens, Zepter Collection / Monaco, collection of Dakis Joannou, Pierre Cardin Foundation / Paris, Four Season Collection and many more worldwide.
Miloš Todorović's exhibition at the Drina Gallery is supported by the French Cultural Center in Belgrade.
* Drina Gallery will be open to the public every weekend from 3 pm to 6 pm throughout the duration of the exhibition.

** Hereafter you can find the text of the exhibition catalog, a full CV of the artist, as well as the last photo of Miloš Todorović.

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