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CCIFS Grand Prix 2019 : Aleego se kandidovao za nagradu u oblasti inovacija sa svojom online platformom

Na Gali ove godine će se održati i Grand Prix 2019 CCIFS. Kompanija Aleego je postala član Francusko-srpske privredne komore ove godine i kandidat je za nagradu u oblasti inovacija.

Having 10 years experience in Oil&Gas Industry, ALEEGO ( founder and director Maxime Brivois could foresee the potential of UAV into the Industrial market. He came up with the idea of an online platform where customers from Industrial sectors such as Energy, Renewables, Real-Estate, Construction or Agriculture can order their UAV missions online with qualified UAV pilots.  Unlike its competitors, ALEEGO platform is B2B oriented, ALEEGO qualifies the registered pilots (checks that UAV pilots answer all the requirements in terms of insurance coverage, equipment, license), ALEEGO handles all administrative tasks such as communication with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to obtain the flight approval, as well as the post-processing (the data collected during the flight needs to be converted into a report, which is the final product submitted to the customers). Drones can be used for various purposes: photogrammetry, marketing, construction site survey, imaging structures, counting stockpiles, 3D modelling, project planning, plant health/stress analysis and more.

For instance, when a construction company wants to evaluate the topography of a piece of land prior to purchase it. They can post their mission online, ALEEGO will then define whether it is possible to fly at this place and then will define the drone road map. The pilot who accepts the mission will then come to the place, connect the drone and the drone will collect the data as per the road map defined by ALEEGO. Aftermath the pilots will just have to upload the data collected and ALEEGO will do the post processing as per mission requirements and issue the report back to the customers.

Using autonomous UAV directed by GNSS (Satellites data e.g. GPS) signal predefined prior to the operations allows Pilots to conduct missions in a safer way and customers to see the traceability of the missions. Unlike conventional methods, drones enable customers to reduce their Safety exposure, increase their productivity and gain efficiency. Thanks to ALEEGO platform, pilots have an easy access to the UAV missions and they don’t need to go through the paper work because ALEEGO is in charge of all the communication with CAA on their behalf. As well ALEEGO handles the post-processing which simplifies the work of the pilots.

ALEEGO operates in the Czech Republic and Poland, communicates already with some clients in Slovakia and wants to expand on the Serbian market.

ALEEGO on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.


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